See how you can enjoy playing poker

Poker, a popular game of cards meant for skilled and experienced people always draw attention of anyone and everyone. Do you want to play a game of poker next time? Are you aware of all basic rules and know how to play poker? If not, then concentrate here and see how you can enjoy playing poker after 5-10 minutes. When talking about the game of poker, there are certain points you need to know:

• All you get is 2 cards in front of you and both of those cards are dealt down. As soon as you get cards by dealer, you start betting where you are not allowed to raise a bet more than 2-3 times.

• Community cards are left on the table by dealer and all of the players can again start betting. In a similar manner, 4th and 5th cards are drawn successively on the table where players need to bet.

• All you get to do is use pocket cards, which they get at the first place along with community cards, or use all 5-community cards alone.

• Whosoever has the best combination of five cards wins the game of poker.

• Dealer is also involved in the game whether it is online casino game or not.

Almost all of the popular poker games like Texas Hold’em Poker, 7 Stud Poker and other have similar set of rules. Though, minute variations do arise in format of games which makes it more interesting. Experience and skills do matter when you are playing a game of poker. Do check out different strategies listed, as it would help you to leave all other opponents behind in the game. Newbies should not be discouraged and must start playing in free poker games online. Learn all basics and tips and start playing the game of skills- Poker.